Single-Family Homes Property Management for Boca Raton, Lake Worth, FL, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, FL, Palm Beach and Broward Counties

Your residential property is your asset

In order to maintain your property, you need to keep it appropriately kept with steady cash flow coming in. GGC Real Estate Group provides the property management services to get both these done without tying up your own time and money.

Finding tenants for single-family homes is the first step in property management. We do not skip steps and follow a trusted and careful process.

  • Complete a full profile
  • Match the application with the criteria for each property
  • Verify all information

We know a long-term tenant is the ideal situation

We screen tenants to ensure they are the best representative for your property.
We will also complete a walk-thru for each property to establish a baseline for the condition of your unit as well the understanding with the tenant of the standards your property is to maintain. The walkthrough will be completed at the end of the occupancy to restore your property to its baseline condition. To keep your property maintained, a maintenance schedule is developed to ensure all systems and properties are maintained in accordance to your specifications. We’ve also found this keeps the tenants satisfied and helps to retain the high-quality and long-term tenants.

Property Management

Tenant Relationship is important

We believe in a circle of respect for both our clients and tenants.
Happy tenants respect their rental properties and are likely to stay. We work with tenants to resolve issues relating to maintenance, emergencies and more. You won’t need to scramble to find different repairmen for various appliances or get calls in the middle of the night. As your real estate property management company, we take care of all that for you.

Property management partnership with tenants

  1. Baseline of property appearance, condition and appliances
  2. Expectations of tenant/owner responsibility
  3. Scheduled maintenance and inspections for repair avoidance
  4. Fast response to requests for repairs
  5. Resolution of issues

At the same time, we expect the equivalent from your tenants. We handle the collection of rents and provide you with monthly statements. If for some reason there is a dispute, we are the first to resolve any property management issues.

GGC works to simply the process for each and every owner no matter how many properties they own. We pride ourselves on providing the best property management services in South Florida and Palm Beach County and maintaining a professional relationship with our owners and their tenants. We are looking to be your real estate property management company for long-term relationships. We hope you will continue to invest in more properties and continue to do business with us.

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