Multi-Family / Condo Property Management for Boca Raton, Lake Worth, FL, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, FL, Palm Beach and Broward Counties

Purchasing, owning and managing multi-family and condo complexes can be a daunting task.
If you own property right now you know the headaches that can come with property management. Late night calls with emergencies, late payments, scrambling to find a quality and licensed repair technician.

What happens when you have issues across multiple units?

Here at GGC Real Estate Group, we simplify the process for each and every owner and develop a unique plan for each property. You may try to manage your own multi-family property to save money and resources, but the services provided by GGC property management are less than you think and can save you money and time in the end. You have a choice among apartment management companies, but you’ll notice the difference in our decades of experience that has streamlined the process that allows us to offer top services to our clients.

Managing the day to day operations is just such a small part of Commercial Residential Property Management. Understanding the needs and goals of the owner, the building management, tenant relations are a just a few of the crucial pieces to effectively manage these properties.

GGC has the capabilities to handle many of the issues that come up in multi-family / condo property management:

  • Requirements of the local municipalities
  • Documenting all license and safety requirements
  • Completing annual inspections
  • Reducing monthly and annual costs
  • Increasing rent fees
  • Decreasing annual expenditures
  • Developing maintenance procedures
  • Hurricane preparedness manuals

Multi-family / Condo Property Management Finances

We know you purchased your units with the intent of an investment or profit center.
Not only do we manage the property, but we also streamline all financial information to help you stay in control of your investment and keep accurate records of payments and expenditures.

  • Budget pending improvements
  • Plan for future capital improvements
  • Collect payments and deposits
  • Minimize renovations costs and time
  • Locate opportunities for rent increases
  • Reduce turnover time
  • Accurately track all expenses

Is your property meeting your expectations?

Have you just purchased a building and/or are looking to see how your property may become more profitable?
Getting top return on investment in the South Florida Real Estate Market is your right as a property investor. We work on all multi-family property management including condo property management.

Our services are available throughout Palm Beach and Broward Counties and specialize in the areas of Lake Worth, Delray Beach and Boynton Beach.

Let GGC Real Estate Help You With Your Property Needs