Residential Property Maintenance Services for Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach and Broward Counties

We employ a professional staff of maintenance technicians to work on your property.

Property Maintenance is a fundamental part of properly managing the day-to-day.

First impressions after walking through the front door are sometimes the only impression a potential tenant has when touring single-family homes.

  • Is it clean?
  • Is it maintained?
  • Can I picture myself and my family comfortable here?
  • Is it up to my standards?

All these questions go through a potential tenants’ mind when they tour your property. The job of GGC Real Estate is to provide the property maintenance services to quickly say, Yes!

Successful Property Maintenance Services

30 years of understanding our client’s goals for present and the future has helped us design a road map for success. During our initial engagement we discuss in detail how maintenance is to be handled, how much of the reserves are to be set aside for property improvements and an emergency fund is established for those unforeseen events that come up from time to time. We will be honest with you about costs, so your property is maintained, carefully taken care of and your tenants’ are respected.

Property Maintenance Checklist

Upon signing a contract to manage our client’s property, GGC reviews the property and provides a Property Maintenance Checklist. We use this checklist to establish what condition we took over the property. We then offer suggestions how we may improve the property on a short- and long-term basis. A well-maintained and updated property can bring increased rents over its lifetime, attract stable tenants and pay for itself. This increases the profit to the owner and reduces vacancies and other potential issues that come along with vacant properties.

Tenants have a choice where they live, make your property the top of their list!

The GGC Residential Property Maintenance Difference

We have software that tracks costs, schedules maintenance, inspections and more. This creates a streamlined process to minimize surprise costs and save you money. Our volume in the number of properties we have in our residential property management portfolio permits us to carry a good relationship with our vendors ensuring fair maintenance bills and fast service.

We also have our own handymen that handle many of the property maintenance services. We find repairs in single-family homes can be quickly handled by our own personnel, lowering costs and response time.

Residential Property Maintenance Services for Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Listed below are a few of the many important areas that we manage for our clients.


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