Commercial Property Maintenance Services for Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Lake Worth, Palm Beach and Broward Counties

Commercial property maintenance is different than residential property maintenance. Commercial tenants will either be using their business to produce and ship goods or they will be handling transactions with customers. Both aspects will influence what property maintenance is important to them. For example, retail and commercial space tenants will want an immaculate outside appearance including landscaping, cleanliness and parking lot conditions. Your industrial space tenants will want quality infrastructure with continually maintained utilities.

Upon signing a contract to manage our client’s property, GGC Real Estate reviews the property and provides a Property Maintenance Checklist. We use this checklist to establish what condition we took over the property. We then offer suggestions how we may improve the property on a short- and long-term basis. A well-maintained commercial property keeps your investment working for you with constant occupancy and lower expenses from repair costs. This increases the profit to the owner and reduces vacancies and other potential issues that come along with vacant properties

Here are some of the steps GCC takes to keep your property maintained, mitigate expenses, and help retain your tenants.

  1. Baseline of property appearance, condition and appliances
  2. Expectations of tenant/owner responsibility
  3. Scheduled maintenance and inspections for repair avoidance
  4. Fast response to requests for repairs
  5. Resolution of issues

GGC assists with your property maintenance

All our clients’ needs in terms of commercial property maintenance services are handled equally important. We hope to build a long-term and mutual beneficial relationship. We’ve seen many clients grow their property portfolio from one building to many more through quality investments and handling.

We’ve found in our 25 years of property management that tenants could have different standards on how they feel property should be maintained as opposed to residential tenants. We know that people have different standards from home to workplace but that it something we address in our baseline review of our commercial property maintenance and then include in the lease. Any changes you want will be up to you.

Commercial Property Maintenance Services for Broward and Palm Beach Counties

Listed below are a few of the many important areas that we manage for our clients.


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