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Invest in your property, be proactive!

Managing a property involves careful planning and attention when it comes to marketing, and finding ideal tenants can be the first hurdle. It’s not uncommon for the marketing and lease negotiation stage to be longer than residential properties. However, once a commercial property is occupied, lease can typically last 3-5 years. GGC Real Estate knows the importance of market value for your retail shopping centers, office space or warehouse facilities,that’s why we put together a marketing plan to lease your property as soon as possible.

As your property management company, not only is it our responsibility to handle the listing, marketing, lease negotiation and other occupancy processes, we also maintain administrative and financial records to alleviate the legwork.

Different properties require different needs

The lease amounts, agreements and lengths are different from building to building. GGC knows the different characteristics of each industry and know how to get the most out of your investment, where to spend money, and where property maintenance is needed. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you.

GGC Real Estate Group will guide you in the purchase / leasing processes and maintenance of your commercial and residential property but will also help you achieve the goals of your investment. Each property you have should follow a different strategy.

  • What is the goal of your investment?
  • Are you looking for steady income or future sale value?
  • How can you maximize potential?
  • How long are you looking to hold on to the property? Short term such as five years? Long term such as residual income for life?
  • What kind of capital improvements should be made for your holding time?

We have extensive knowledge in managing the following type of properties:

Multi-family / Condo

Understanding of what is involved in effectively managing a commercial residential property is only the beginning in successfully providing the ideal environment for tenants, management, and maintenance contractors.  Let GGC Real Estate Group develop a lucrative plan that will keep you in control.

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Single Family Residential

Managing and maintaining a single-family home comes with its advantages. Though searching for the right family to occupy it for the ideal duration can become time-consuming. Let GGC Real Estate Group help you by simplifying the process from the application to the walk-through, and everything else in between.

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Rental Properties

Protecting your commercial or residential rental property is essential. GGC ensures that your rental properties are maintained and are safe. Acquiring the right tenants to occupy your units are crucial, and in most cases, can become troublesome. Let GGC alleviate the processes involved with marketing and managing your rental property.

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Retail Shopping Centers

Retail Shopping Centers can produce some of the highest returns in the real estate industry. However, finding the right tenants and negotiating the right leases can make or break your investment. Our decades of experience in commercial property management and maintenance plans have given us the insight into knowing exactly what and when to improve, which tenants to look for and what trends to watch out for.

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Medical Offices

Medical offices have their own requirements that will attract and retain tenants. These offices have special equipment requiring power adaptations and patient accessibility including ADA facilities. This is a highly competitive industry but can prove profitable with long-term tenants.  We have the experience, let us manage your next medical office building.

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Office Space

Office space is generally about the building environment. Office tenants may be inviting potential customers to their office, so upkeep, landscaping and aesthetics are important. Office managers are looking for an environment that promotes productivity and enhances the office experience for their employees.

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Warehouse Facilities

Warehouse facilities are generally about equipment and infrastructure. Zoning will play a role as will municipalities requirements. Also, tenants of warehouse facilities are very dependent on maintenance or fast repairs to avoid interruption of their business. We can assist on creating the right quick-action plans.

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